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Deleting the custom user data from the AppD web console

Hi All,


I am using the AppD in my mobile application. I tried to log the custom user data through the below lines from my code,

 Instrumentation.setUserData("KEY_USER_ID", "UID12345");
 Instrumentation.setUserData("KEY_USER_NAME", "Johnson");

I can able to see the key entries in the sessions->Custom User data 

Now, I need to delete the existing keys in the console. Is there any way available to do so?


Not able to find it even after googling and going through the documentation


Thanks in Advance


Thanks and Regards,

Nandagopal T



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

There is no way to delete any fields in the mobile session section:

End User Experience > Mobile App > Sessions


However if you have analytics license option and you are on a version 4.3.x, you can use the analytics UI to hide the fields which you are no longer using. Thus the fields are not displayed in the UI.