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Capture screenshot in Mobile RUM - AppD version 4.3.8




We have enabled the mobile screenshot on a mobile app and screenshot events are captured in user sessions as well. But the screernshot image is broken. Please find the attached screenshot of the same.


Let me know why is so? how to solve this?


Thanks in advance




AppDynamics Team

Hi Shritha,


The Screenshot'ing feature in the Mobile RUM works by breaking down the Device screen view into multiple small chunks / grids. So that our beacon size (with the image data) doesn't overwhelm a single connection etc. Basically for optimizing our use of the Device's Radio, we deliberately break down the image into grids essentially. Now what I'm suspecting is happening is that the Image retrieval (which is by a sequence of IDs) from the Controller UI is not successful. There could be multiple reasons behind this - including retention settings, EUM->Controller connectivity to name a couple. 


So if you could share the file as well as eum server logs with us, we might be able to check what is wrong. 

Also by any chance, do you have a proxy setup in front of your EUM server? If yes have you enabled screenshots endpoint from the proxy?



Thank You,


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