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Can we disable transaction correlation at node level?


We have enabled automatic injection for an application to get EUM metrics but sometimes we are not able to access the application in IE Browser, the browser getting closed automatically. When we disable automatic injection and transaction correlation in controller then we were able to access it. Can someone let me know is there any way to disable EUM feature at node level (by adding any additional property)?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Prasanth,


Your problem looks more related to using automatic injection than using transaction correlation. To verify this, (1) you can disable transaction correlation and enable automatic injection and verify if the problem with application access occurs or not? 


(2) Next enable transaction correlation and disable automatic injection and agian verify if the problem with application access occurs or not? 


If my guess is right you should see issue in test case 1 and not in test case 2. Let me know in case you observe otherwise. If so this mostly happens due to incorrect placement of the js agent. Refer to the below link for more info:


And verify if you have any <META> tags before your adrum script in the page source code.



Thank You,


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