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AppDynamics Android Gradle Plugin 20.4.0 issues with recent Gradle Versions



we upgraded our Gradle Versions to the most recent ones, but experience some issues with the latest AppDynamics-Plugin (20.4.0) while doing so. Same happens for older AppDynamics-Plugin-Versions with new Gradle Versions.


As Gradle-Wrapper we use version 5.6.4. For the Gradle Android Build-Tools we tried the latest one recommended by Google 3.6.x which causes the final APK to include no DEX-Files when AppDynamics Plugin is applied.


When we go one version back to 3.5.3  of the Gradle Android Build-Tools the APK contains DEX-Files and is able to be installed. But during the Build we get an IllegalArgumentException for AppDynamics.


Edit: Unfortunately I cannot post a Stacktrace here, as your Input Field won't let me. It says "Your message cannot contain more than 40,000 characters". My Stacktrace is not even close to that number of chars.


Edit2: I added the Stacktrace as 2 separate replies to this post. But they have been removed by a moderator because he/she classified them as spam.



This thread has been locked. You can see two new conversations that were branched off based on the different version numbers. 


If you are experiencing this issue or one similar, please create a new post. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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