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API call to extract EUM appkey list

Hi all,
Is there a way of extracting a list of EUM appkeys via API from a controller in the same way it is possible to extract the APM application list?
eg. "https://<controller_name>"

I have trawled the doc but found no mention of this...

Many thanks in advance!



Great Thank a lot

Hi Mario,

I'm trying to pull a list of the appids via curl using access token. Getting HTTP Status 405, Method Not Allowed, thoughts?

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-9" "https://controller:443/controller/restui/eumApplications/getAllEumApplicationsData?time-range=last_1..." --header "Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}"

Nevermind, had a POST instead of GET

Thank you for posting this.  I don't understand why so many useful API calls like this aren't included in the documentation.

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