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Proxy fail with python agent




I'm new to Appdynamics and I'm having error messages coming up regarding the proxy when using a python agent, I would appreciate any help to resolve this issue. 


If I follow the steps on the documentation and just create a /etc/appdynamics.cfg file :



app = Test App

tier = Test Tier

node = node 0adb



host =

port = 443

ssl = (on)

account = XXX

accesskey = XXX

I get this error:

19:21:00,008  WARN [AD Thread-Metric Reporter0] MetricHandler - Metric Reporter Queue full. Dropping metrics.

19:21:20,171  INFO [AD Thread Pool-Global1] ControllerTimeSkewHandler - Controller Time Skew Handler Run Aborted - Skew Check is Disabled

19:21:23,040  INFO [AD Thread Pool-Global1] ConfigurationChannel - Detected node meta info: [Name:ProcessID, Value:4416, Name:appdynamics.ip.addresses, Value:fe80:0:0:0:d453:dc4:33ad:b620%enp0s3,]

19:21:23,040  INFO [AD Thread Pool-Global1] ConfigurationChannel - Sending Registration request with: Application Name [Test App], Tier Name [Test Tier], Node Name [node 0adb], Host Name [ChrisUbuntu-VM] Node Unique Local ID [node 0adb], Version [Python Agent v20.3.0.0 (proxy v4.5.16.28134, agent-api v4.3.5.0)]

19:21:23,559 ERROR [AD Thread Pool-Global1] ConfigurationChannel - Fatal transport error while connecting to URL [/controller/instance/0/applicationConfiguration]: org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: failed to respond

19:21:23,559  WARN [AD Thread Pool-Global1] ConfigurationChannel - Could not connect to the controller/invalid response from controller, cannot get initialization information, controller host [], port[443], exception [Fatal transport error while connecting to URL [/controller/instance/0/applicationConfiguration]]

19:22:00,008  WARN [AD Thread-Metric Reporter0] MetricHandler - Metric Reporter Queue full. Dropping metrics.

19:22:19,066  WARN [AD Thread Pool-Global1] EventGenerationService - The retention queue is at full capacity [5]. Dropping events for timeslice [Sun Apr 05 19:17:00 AEST 2020] to accomodate events for timeslice [Sun Apr 05 19:22:00 AEST 2020]

If I edit the controller-info.xml in /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/appdynamics_bindeps/proxy/conf/controller-info.xml





<application-name>Test App</application-name>

<tier-name>Test Tier</tier-name>

<node-name>node 0adb</node-name>




Then I get these errors: (log file /tmp/appd/logs/proxyCore.2020_04_05__20_12_05.0.log )


[Thread-1] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:41,174  INFO com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyMultiNodeManager - Creating new node in proxy for node appName:Test App tierName:Test Tier nodeName:node 0adb

[Thread-1] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:41,175  INFO com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyMultiNodeManager - Comm address for the start node request: [ App, Tier, 0adb,,,account.key=XXXX,controller.port=443] is: /tmp/appd/run/comm/proxy-7826785417410579370/n15

[AD Thread Pool-ProxyControlReq0] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:41,379  INFO com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyMultiNodeManager - Removed lock for start node request for key [ App1, Tier1, 0adb,,,account.key=01sbc6q69823,controller.port=443]

[AD Thread Pool-ProxyControlReq0] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:41,381  INFO com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyMultiNodeManager - Proxy for node [ App, Tier, 0adb,,,account.key=XXXX,controller.port=443] has been started

[Thread-1] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:42,396 ERROR com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyMultiNodeManager - Error while starting a new proxy node


        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(




[Thread-1] 05 Apr 2020 20:12:42,397 ERROR com.singularity.proxyControl.ProxyNode - Error while shutting down proxy node








AppDynamics Team

Hi Christopher,


Could you please change 


ssl = (on)




ssl = on


 in the /etc/appdynamics.cfg file, restart your application as well as the JAVA proxy process and verify if that helps resolve the connectivity issues? Please also revert all the changes you did in the controller-info.xml file.


Best Regards,