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NodeJS proxyless agent unable to communicate with controller


I've been attempting to add appdynamics to a set of NodeJS components we have. We use a private AppD Controller within the company firewall running version 4.4.3. I have only been able to get the agent to communicate with the controller via the java proxy on version 4.4.3. Whenever I try to configure libagent:true the agent does start and I get an http error in agent logs (see logs below). I'd additionally tried with different module versions and different nodeJs versions with no luck.  Below shows our appD profile added to server.js.


App Dynamics Profile: { controllerHostName: 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',
controllerPort: '8181',
controllerSslEnabled: true,
accountName: 'XXXXXXX',
accountAccessKey: 'XXXXXXXXXXX',
applicationName: 'icg-msst-icgbuild-loki-167539-DEV',
tierName: 'loki-ui',
nodeName: 'loki-ui',
libagent: true,
debug: true }
[DEBUG] Appdynamics agent logs: /tmp/appd/66b173439b00d9f3b30dbc626af4dbd8



NodeJS version: 10.10.0 (build & runtime)

AppD NodeJS agent version: 20.3.1

OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.10 (Santiago)


[Log file redacted]


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AppDynamics Team

Hi Richard,


The libagent needs the reference of the custom certificate in order to connect to the controller over the SSL. Can you please get the controller's certificate in .PEM format and reference the certificate file path in the agent configuration with the help of certificateFile configuration option? Please have a look at the agent configurations at


After referencing the controller certificate file, restart the Node application and see if that helps to resolve this issue?


Best Regards,


Hi Piyush,


Thanks for the prompt response. I had initially tried certificateFile but not with .PEM format. I've now retried and can successfully communicate with Controller. Should certificate file format also be referenced in Agent settings page? Thanks for the help.