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Is it possible to use custom correlation mechanism with C++ sdk



Is it possible to use custom correlation mechanism with C++ sdk.

if yes, Could you pls share documents that inludes more detail about C++  specific.


Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards


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Is it possible to use custom correlation mechanism with C++ sdk
AppDynamics Team

Hi Mustafa,


Thanks for contacting support.


You can achieve correlation in C++ by adding some codes in your application as described in this SDK link, Correlate with Other Business Transactions section. 


Basically, to instrument C++ code, you need to inject small codes into your application source manually. 

Therefore, adding such correlation is also manual, and is similar way to instrument your application.


On the other hand, Java/.Net application instrumentation does not need source code changes, and correlation is basically automatic. 

Your indicated document is for the case that cannot be done automatically.


Let me know if this helped you.


Many thanks,


Naoto Yamamoto

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