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Golang agent debug level


Golang agent debug level

Is there a configuration parameter to enable verbose logging for the Golang agent ? 



Golang agent debug level
AppDynamics Team

Re: Golang agent debug level

Hi David,


I found this parameters in the Golang documentation which you can use.



Logging – Logging settings for the controller. This struct is defined as:

const (
    APPD_LOG_LEVEL_DEFAULT LogLevel = iota
type LoggingConfig struct {
    BaseDir             string
    MinimumLevel        LogLevel
    MaxNumFiles         uint
    MaxFileSizeBytes    uint

Re: Golang agent debug level

Code please.


^^^ in other words, can you provide a working Golang code example?

AppDynamics Team

Re: Golang agent debug level

Hi David,


Have attached a simple code which created few BTs and logs complete trace info in the logs which reside in the default path.

Please note that this code is only for your reference.



Sajna Sreenivasan

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