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custom time range: fixed same day 6am to 8pm



i've searched here and googled there but didn't find a suitable hint to: custom time ranges for a dashboard public deeplink to show always "the same day" within the 6am to 8pm time window.


anyone needed this before?






AppDynamics Team
Hi Christian, This is not possible as of now in UI where user can select same time but dashboard expected to show same period on any day visit but currently user cannot select specific custom time without selecting particular date, only option is to select last 1 hour or last 1 day in UI, we have internal request for this already to address in future version, no ETA yet, Hope that answers.

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Hi akumar,

thanks for the reply and the info. after further digging i sort of concluded the same yesterday and started to build it as external dashboard from API data - halfway through or so.




PS. you need a "no solution yet -> roadmap" button with voting option for the others here to help priortize your ETA ... ;-)

Hi Christian, did you ever succeed in doing this ?

it is definitely not possible up to now. – confirmed by appdynamics as well.
We’ve started to build custom dashboards using the controller API data access to the metrics. Below is a java script snippet showing how to query a static time window of “today” between 6am and 8pm.

var date = new Date();
var start = date.setHours(6), // 6am
end = date.setHours(20); // 8pm
var metricPath = "PATH|TO|YOUR|METRIC";
var url = "https://appd-controller.domain.local/controller/rest/applications/20/metric-data?metric-path="+metri...";


Hi Christian,


Thanks for your answer!


Am i correct in assuming that you are using the resulting JSON not in a native Appdynamics dashboard but in another type ? Say D3 or something like that ?


Either way i would love to hear more, or see any more examples.


Thanks again for your answer

Thats right. We are using D3, or for simpler cases bootstrap themes with diverse graph libraries.
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