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active users by region query


active users by region query

hello , 


I want to get active users count per region for my mobile application , I used the following query : 


select georegion,distinctcount(cguid) from mobile_snapshots
where (geocountry='xxx' and mobileappversion='xxxx' and appkey='xxxxx')
but it returned non-logic numbers , the returned number is not the same as the active users per region widget in the sessions tab 
I need to know the query of the active users per region widget in the session tab , in order to use it in dashboards so is the query that I used is wrong or I missed something
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active users by region query

Hi Amr


Within AppD inside the Mobile App records it used the "closed" field inside the mobile_session_records to determine if a session is active or not


To view the data in a graphical over time format you can use the below, can adjust the series time depending on the timeframe.

SELECT series(eventTimestamp, "120m"), georegion, count(*) AS "Active Sessions" FROM mobile_session_records WHERE closed = false


To view it as a single count in table format

SELECT georegion, count(*) AS "Active Sessions" FROM mobile_session_records WHERE closed = false


As it uses the field "closed" to check if a session is open or not, you will only ever see the current open sessions, and it won't show you a historical view of open sessions as you see in the Session Tab


If you want that type of view, you will need to create metrics that will store the "Active Sessions" data for you to show in the dashboard






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hello Mario , 

Thanks a lot for your response , I really appreciate it 

but it is not the case , I don't want to get the count of active sessions . I want to get the unique count of application users not sessions .

I need to know how many users install and uses the application.


for example :

I have 100 k  sessions but I'm sure that users of my app are less than that as it only published for potential 20 k users , so I need to know how many users out of these 20 k uses the app 


this is provided in session tab in active users widget



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Ca you please let me know, if you could be get this metric (Unique User Count). If yes, kindly let me know how to derive it.


Best Regards

Mohan Krishna V