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Highlight a widget based on value


Highlight a widget based on value

does anyone know if it is possible to have a Widget be filled with a background color based on the value.   I am looking to have the widget cell highlighted based on a calulcation of business transaction performance.  


IE if transactions dont complete within a certain time frame highlight the cell yellow, another time red, another time orange.

Highlight a widget based on value
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Highlight a widget based on value

Hi @Sean.Davey


Thank you for posting your query on the AppDynamics Community.


The short answer to your query is no.


AppDynamics dashboards currently can’t react to the data. The only widget that reacts to data is the Health Status widget. So you could create a health rule on top of the metric you are evaluating and add that health rule widget next to the chart. This would give the red/yellow/green perspective to the chart.


Hope it helps.

Radhika P

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