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Posting messages or announcements on other dashboards

New Member


I plan on deploying updated code

My code will affect my backend or client services or applications

Those affected are cross-domain



Post an announcement or message on the affected backend's and client's dashboards warning of upcoming deployment or of unintentional disruption due to a deployment


Is this anything that is possible to do?



I'd have to check to see what API calls you can make to a dashboard, but one way of doing it would be to figure out which Dashboard is assigned to those groups, and just create a Label Widget or an iFrame widget which you can edit and then drop onto the top of the Dashboard.  If you go the iFrame route, you can probably point it to an internal page where you can provide updates but is otherwise blank and add it to all your Dashboards. The manual way it to just create a simple Label Widget with whatever message you want to impart, and then remove it whenever you're done.

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I will pass that onto my dev team and see what they think. Thank you, Eric, that idea does seem plausible.