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Finding the total number of alert occurrences


Is there a way to create a widget that returns simply the number of times a specific event has occured?  I can create an event list widget showing how many times a specific health rule has violated that effectively gives me that count at the bottom of the list but I don't need the whole list, just that count.



I think you can get that by creating a widget, selecting "Metric Value" and then "Select a Metric" next to Metric to Display, and then choosing "Custom (Use any Metric)" from the Select a metric to Display drop down and then for "Select a Metric" change the first drop down box to "Sum" or "Count" and then for "Select a Metric" drop down, find the metric that trigger's your health rule, it'll probably be under "Overall application performance?" If not then you may have to write your own custom expression and use that instead.

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