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Number of Calls as a metric value


Is there a way to setup "Calls" value a metric value to present on a Dashboard.,NumberofCalls


Calls, Number of Calls 

Where found:

  • Tiers & Nodes > tier > Dashboard > Grid View > Calls
  • Tiers & Nodes > tier  >  node > Dashboard > Grid View > Calls
  • Business Transactions >  Business Transactions list  > View Options >  Key Performance Indicators > Calls
  • Troubleshoot > Slow Response Times > Slowest DB & Remote Service Calls > Number of Calls 

Description: Call volume, the total number of invocations of the entry point for all instances of the business transaction during the specified time from the node to the destination displayed. The more calls in your system, the busier it is. You might analyze the number of calls for system sizing.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Scott.Godfrey


Thank you for posting your query on AppDynamics Community.


The doc link you have shared is obsolete. You might want to refer to the latest docs on Call Graphs.


Let us also know what version of the Controller are you using and any other specifics that can help us narrow down the correct solution.

Controller is version


I used the FastAppConfig tool to deploy the Tier Detail Dashboard and wanted to add Total Number of Calls to the Dashboard; however, I do not see that as a metric I can add from the metric browser for a tier, screen images attached.

Any idea on how to configure for total calls per 1 hour's metrics. Please help me here.

AppDynamics Team

I updated it here


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