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Node/ Tier health in application flow map

Hi All, 


In application flow map of the application dashboard for a particular application nodes / tiers are shown as green/yellow/red circles depending on their health. Green means healthy, can any one tell me what yellow and red means.


Thank You,



Community Manager

Hi @Dhanushka.Samarakoon,


Welcome to the community and for making your first post. I found this AppD Docs page that shares some insights into what those colors mean.


I recommend you review this documentation and any other relevant to help you understand more about Health Rules.


Here is a quick snapshot of the info you asked for:


  • Green is healthy
  • Yellow/orange is a warning condition 
  • Red is a critical condition
  • Grey indicates that the status of the health rule is unknown (for example, if the Controller cannot gather the data necessary to evaluate the rule) 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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