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Network dashboard is not showing any Network Flow map

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When we navigate to Network Dashboard tab for one of our  applicaiton "Ennova Digital - TEC" the network flow map pane is showing  the message "Creating  Flow Map.." for  a very long time. When we look at the JS errors we see below message:  It was all working fine until we see this lately. Please suggest the best course of action for us to fix this.


adrum.js:29 TypeError: Cannot read property 'dbBackendStatus' of null
at BackendNodeRenderer.getShapeIconURL (apm-module.c155ad1140545bbbc9ff.webpack.min.js:1)
at SVGImageElement.xlink:href (apm-module.c155ad1140545bbbc9ff.webpack.min.js:1)
at SVGImageElement.<anonymous> (MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7f44b2139151cdbd42ab312abbdc167c:1)
at MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7f44b2139151cdbd42ab312abbdc167c:1
at P (MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7f44b2139151cdbd42ab312abbdc167c:1)
at (MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7f44b2139151cdbd42ab312abbdc167c:1)
at (MainAppModuleCode.webpack.min.js?7f44b2139151cdbd42ab312abbdc167c:1)
at BackendNodeRenderer.decorateNode (apm-module.c155ad1140545bbbc9ff.webpack.min.js:1)
at BackendNodeRenderer.DefaultNodeRenderer.render (apm-module.c155ad1140545bbbc9ff.webpack.min.js:1)
at BackendNodeRenderer.render (apm-module.c155ad1140545bbbc9ff.webpack.min.js:1)


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Team, we need your support on this issue. We are not able to open up a support ticket due to new changes in AppD portal. This issue is blocking to showcase the AppD and ACI troubleshooting feature. Please help us resolve this ASAP.


Hi @Kiran.Basavaraju 


Sorry there seem to be issues filling out the support form.


In this case, it is recommended you reach out to your AppD Account Rep for help regarding your core issue.

You should also reach out to your AppD Admin to make sure access and permissions are all working as expected. 

The AppD community is about knowledge sharing. If you happen to learn anything from this experience, it's helpful to share that back on this thread so any others who have a similar issue can benefit from those learnings. 




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Kiran,


This was bug which got fixed in controller version 20.6.0+. The controller should be upgraded to resolve the fix.