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How to exclude EHCache from dashboard

New Member

Each of our microservices uses an in-memory ehcache.  Appdynamics is showing an ehcache icon on the dashboard for each service and monitoring 'put' traffic.  This is not something we are interesting in seeing and it is clutter on the dashboard.


I had thought I would find EHCache listed in the 'Backend Detection' tab so that I can disable it but its not there.  Any hints on how to disable this monitoring?


AppDynamics Team

Hi howard Frost, 


Agent support many other OOTB interceptors listed below log message that are not part of backend detection and missing rules in UI is expected:

INFO ExitPointRuleApplier - Adding rules for exit point type [[SAP, Mail, LDAP, DangaMemcache, Coherence, EHCache, REDIS, MongoDB, Memcache]]


However you can update existing node property in UI below and add value as EHCache and see how it goes post saving changes in UI on target node/tier and check new load?

name: disable-custom-exit-points-for

Type: String

Value: EHCache


refer doc for to update node properties in UI


If issue exists, share logs and while you share logs try below change in file app-agent-config.xml at path <AgenServerAgentt_install_Dir>/ver4.x.x.x/conf/app-agent-config.xml and add below entry under xml section and save changes and restart only node jvm process and see if exit call comes for new load in UI at node level: <bci-processing-excludes>.

<custom-exclude filter-type="STARTSWITH" filter-value="net/sf/ehcache/"/>


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