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How to display AWS expense dashboard to AppDynamics?

Hello, everyone. i met an issue to connect AWS to AppDynamics. The idea was to create a dashboard of AWS expenditures and transfer this data to AppDynamics dashboard to see which AWS resource takes how much money. Could someone help me with this issue?


Thanks a lot in advance.


P.S. If there are some solutions. Please, contact me.

My email: [Redacted]

Kind regards,



^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez Removed email address for privacy reasons. 


AppDynamics Team

Hi BuLLDozer,


I don't think if you can directly transfer the dashboard from AWS to AppDynamics. But if you use our AWS Billing Monitoring Extension, you can create dashboard from the metrics reported by the extension.




Satish M

Hi, Satish Muddam

Thank you for AWS Billing Monitorin Extension but my goal is to monitor
exact current charge. Is it possible to do it via AppDynamics?

Kind regards,


Hi BuLLDozer,

The extension referenced by Satish collects the AWS "EstimatedCharges" per ServiceName every minute into an AppDynamics metric.

This metrics will be automatically baselined, and is available for AppDynamics Health Rules, Dashboards, and Reports.

That sounds like what you're looking for. Can you confirm?


Brian Wheeldon

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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