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Can I send reports with the contents in the email body?


Hi All,

I want to send reports in an interval of 15 minutes and with the content inside the email body instead of the PDF attachment.


Is there any way to do this?

Kindly assist.
Thanks in advance.


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez to improve the title and readability. 



Sending reports in the email body through the AppDynamics API is indeed possible, but it requires the implementation of specific programming logic.

I recently received a similar request from one of our customers, asking to send reports directly in the email body. To fulfill this requirement, I developed a Python script. This script utilizes the AppDynamics performance metrics API to fetch relevant data. With programming concepts, I structured this data into a table format and configured SMTP details for sending the email within the script.

To automate the process, I set up a cron job to execute this script every 30 minutes.

The customer specifically requested server performance metrics to be included in the email body. Please refer to the attached image illustrating how server performance metrics are displayed in the email body, complete with warning and critical indicators for when server performance crosses predefined thresholds.

Google drive Link of detailing the coding logic :



Harshank Patil