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AppDynamic's Dashboard sharing to external website


I want to Share the AppDynamic's Dashboards in an external website under an <iframe> so that the reports(statistics) can be visible without logging into the AppDynamic tool on an external website.

Requirements :

  • Need to get the Dashboard's Public URL (so that it can work under iframe without asking the login ID/pass )

I tried doing this "Sharing a Custom Dashboard"

By clicking the "copy shared URL" I got the AppDynamics' particular dashboard's URL

Whenever I run that URL on Chrome, it gives the following error :


Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules: shared/SharedModuleCode

and when I try on IE (Internet Explorer) , it throws this error :

Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate. 
For more information, see “About Certificate Errors” in Internet Explorer Help."

On Other tools like Splunk and Sitecatalyst there is a concept of Sharing the reports by embedded URLs. Not sure how AppDynamic works







Hi Nicolewells,


I assume you have installed AppDynamics on premise internally within your organization network?

If yes, you should be able to share the dashboard and use the URL, if you are using https, try using just the http url and see if it works.


If AppDynamics is installed on an internal netowrk, are you sure there are no firewall ports that are blocking access from outside network? (assuming you are trying to access the share dashboard outside network)




Hi Gurmit,


I have asked a similar question just a few hrs ago. The problem is the login portion which Nicolewells has also asked about. 


When you load the URL to the dashboard, the login comes up.


Which version of controller are you using?
I just tried on 4.3 version and it works fine.


Interesting... Must be a feature in the newer version.


I have build 73


Thank you for trying!!

I remember using the same on 4.2 version as well.

Are you using http?

Also, what are the metrics that you have on your dashboard that you are trying to share?

Yes, I am using http.


The metrics are memory and cpu usage for my application WCF services related servers.




Are you using a self signed certificate? Can you try to trust the certificate in your client system and check.




Thank you for following up.


I found a way via another thread. All I had to do was to "share" the dashboard and then generate the link. Doing so now allows me to view the dashboard without having to login in.