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Adding IaC machines to a dashboard


We have our production infrastructure being added via chef as vms, with the machine agents being installed via octopus. I have had a look at the api documentation, and it looks like I can download a dashboard, edit it as json /xml and reupload it, but it doesnt seem like there is any way to add a machine to a dashboard during my IaC process.


We are looking at having up to 50 machines spin up at a time, which could last a day or a year, so manually editing the JSON, or adding to each graph in each dashboard, seems impractical. 


When the machines spin up, we can see the machine data (server etc), we just need to add it to a dashboard. Please send me some ideas!


AppDynamics Team

Hi Steven,


As per our understanding, you are trying to export all the dashboards available on the controller and editing those and then uploading it again. Unfortunately, we do not have any automated way to achieve this kind of process as of now.

You can try writing scripts and export & import custom dashboard using api's. 

For more information-




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