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servers not visible in hybris-uat1 dashboard


For some reason Appdynamics is not showing all the servers in dashboards. we can see all servers:

- in tiers and nodes section

-in Service endpoints section


but I do not know why they do not appear in the dashboard when they used to appear.

Any idea where to start?



Hi David

Can you clarify or provide screenshots of what you are referring to, as your statements are not clear

Also what you see under Tiers and Nodes - are not Servers, they are application instances(Which run on a server/VM) etc.

Are you looking to see the nodes or the actual OS server?

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If servers are missing from your AppDynamics dashboard but visible elsewhere, first check dashboard filters, permissions, and widget settings. Ensure servers are actively reporting data, agents are running, and there are no recent compatibility issues. If the problem persists, consider contacting AppDynamics support for assistance. Marketing Cloud Training

Thank you