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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

business transaction per tier


business transaction per tier

hi all,

I have an application that is divided to different tiers most of these tiers are doing the same functionality but have different loads.


My question here is that if these tiers have the same business transactions will Appdynamics count them as separate business transactions for each tier or one transaction for multiple tiers?

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business transaction per tier



Business transactions are identified by BT name and originating tier, so you will get one transaction per name per tier.


What is your underlying motivation for splitting the nodes into different tiers?  How do the loads differ?


Warm regards,


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Thank you peter for the response.


I asked this question because we are working on a project that they have web applications that are scaled up, out in a cluster distribution and they distribute the load to different clusters based on their need. So we need to monitor each cluster separately to see the impact on each of them but due to that's a huge application we didn't need any duplication in the business transactions per application. Until now I didn't separate them because I am sure the business transactions will be shown for each tier but I was hoping there was workaround to do so. 


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Vaibhav Vir.Singh

It depends where and how you want to see the data.

Thumb rule - it will be tagged per tier.


But if you see it as Snapshot, you will see both tiers present and traces of each tier component in one.


In Metric browser, overall is aggregate but individual would be present per tier as well.


Hope this helps.





We had many similar cases, and how we configured it was to append/prefix the node name with the Cluster name.


That way you can use the dashboarding/reporting feature to split out the performance per cluster.


All depending on how you would like to visualize the data:) Would determine what you can do



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thanks @Mario.Morelli it really helped