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Health rule Suppression

Hello,   I have a healthrule suppression schedule enabled and it doesn't seem to be working as expected.   The requirement is to suppress or disable helathrule between 1 AM and 6 AM only on Sundays, and this the cron entry that i set up (see attached...

Error ID descriptions

Is there a document out there that describes the error IDs we see in the logs. I'm hoping for more infomation that what is printed in the log. For example: ID000062 metric 532047 not found ID000228 Skip the node : 2049, nodeE.isAppAgentPresent is : t...

Controller 500 error

After a machine reboot, the controller is giving 500 error when I tried to open the controller UI. Restarting the controller doesn't solve the problem. Can someone help with this? I've attached the server log.

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LDAP Users Query Base DN

Hello,   I'm setting up LDAP authentication for our controller and have managed to get it working when setting the Users Query Base DN to a specific OU. Example: ou=Users,dc=domain,dc=local     The problem is, we have a lot of OU's at the top level s...

Resolved! Reset controller root password

Hi,   I forgot the root password provided in the installation process. I had tried to reset it by follwing this url: But, even mysql root password was lost.   Is there an other way t...