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AppD Slow database calls data retrival issue

Anant P.Nayak

Dear Team,

We have observed that the slow database calls data in AppD for specific time range remains for a day or two and then it disappears. But we are able to see the Business transactions data during the same period.


Do we have a setting in retriving the slow database calls then please let me know.





AppDynamics Team

Hi Anant,


'Slowest DB and Remote Service Calls' dashboard shows top 10 DB or remote calls for the selected time period. Agent captures the DB and remote calls which takes more than 10 ms and sends this data every 15 minutes to controller. 

Therefore, if there are slow DB calls taking place then our dashboard should show the calls.

Please refer to the below doc for reference

Please let me know if it helps.




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Hi Atyuha,


I have gone through the given link already.


Here the problem is , we are able to see the slow database calls data for today or broader time range selected till today. If we want the data for say yesterday/specific day before 1 week for selected time range say any 1 hour duration, then we don't get that data.


Is there a specific setting for this that OOTB slow database calls are only available for specific time or a day ?


Please let me know on this.


Thank you!



Anant Nayak