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Unable to connect to the controller

We connect to Appdynamics to SaaS controller on port 80, I was able to send application data to Appdynamics earlier and it was working fine. Now I see below error in logs,  please advise.   ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez for security reasons. Please ...

Resolved! DatabaseAgent(MongoDB) Collector time out

I have manged to run the database agent from an EC2 instance on aws. The SaaS platform shows the agent.   But on creating the collector I keep on getting a time out.   The log is as follows:: [Redacted]     ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez to remove l...


REST API access 401 error

I am trying to access appdynamics rest api using curl i get 401 unauthorized    provided the right user which I created on AppD.   user1@customer1:secret   but doesn't work   Controller URL :

Auto Diagnostics

Hi,   I'm looking out for an Auto diagnostics options in APPD. Is it possible to automate the things if we're facing issues in configured application?   EX: If there is an problem with application, can we deploy the remedy steps to follow an automate...