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Allowing Action Suppression by Application

Is it possible to create a role that allows action suppression for a specific application without allowing this for all applications ? Would like to allow our on call support teams to disable actions for the applications they are responsible for without the ability to modify the configurations without following change control. This would allow the on call to turn off alerts during an upgrade or other changes without having to reach out or impacting other applications.


What roles are necessary to allow for Action Suppression ?



Hi WCAnderson,


The same can be done by giving configure actions permissions for each application to a particular role to which the user belongs.

This also gives some more permissions as listed below:

  • Create, edit, or delete actions on agent properties UI
  • Create, edit, or delete email digests

So the user can delete any previously created action that is not associated to any policy.


More information here:




Thanks Gurmit,
Is there any other roles / permissions that need to be added? I've given configure actions permissions and it's not working.

Hi Gurmit,


I was able to get this to work as descriped in 4.3. The issue was with the flash player being disabled.

Thanks for the help