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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

Action Suppression through API example


Action Suppression through API example

I am having trouble using curl to POST a new action suppression that disables alerts for the entire application.

I am trying to create a curl command to add to our existing upgrade and migration scripts so the alerts are disabled during the process.


Does anyone have an example of the curl command to do this?


I have tried using the documentation from :

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Action Suppression through API example
AppDynamics Team

Hi Jordan,


Here is a sample working request which works on my local: 

curl -X POST -H "Content-type: application/vnd.appd.cntrl+json;v=1" -d '{"name": "This is a test by Narendra","timeRange": {"startTimeMillis": "2017-06-10T16:50:00-0800","endTimeMillis": "2017-06-11T17:00:00-0800"}, "affects": {"type": "APP"}}' --user test@customer1:test http://localhost:8090/controller/api/accounts/2/applications/5/actionsuppressions

If you still have issue, please share the curl command and the output to debug further.


- - -

With Regards, 

L. Narendra Reddy