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Understanding the impact of the latest update


I'm using a controller On Premises.
I'm hoping to update because the latest version has been released.
I'm having trouble not knowing the impact of the update.


Specifically, the "On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues" described in the following URL (*)
There is only the following information and you do not know the impact of the update.
- Key
- Product
- Summary
- Version



Could you tell us about the following?

- If you know the importance and impact of Resolved Issues, could you tell us?
- As a solution to know the importance and impact of Resolved Issues, it is possible to include the following in Resolved Issues. Can I make this information public?
 - Resolved Issues Importance
 - Effects of Resolved Issues



Community Manager


I do see your request to be of value to many, however, it is not our policy to share that level of details for every item on the release. Sometimes in our Full-Stack Monthly newsletter we do elaborate on a few higher impact features, but generally not on fixes. Many items are minor, or exclusive, to particular environments and may not apply to most. I certainly do understand your desire to have more details.


If there is a concern about anything specific, we will certainly work towards clarifying what you need. 



I have shared your request with the correct team.