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Unable to delete the inactive agents from controller

Hi Team,


We removed the nodes from tiers & nodes and it's removed from the application agent, it's throwing the below error when we trying to delete the machine agents even though the agents are not associated with any nodes or application.

attached the error snip fyr.






AppDynamics Team

Hi Ranjith,


Thanks for posting the question on the Community.


To delete machine agent, you also need to delete the machine associated with your agent from the servers list.


You can do that by these steps:

  1. Click “Servers” tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Select server that is associated with your target machine agent
  3. Please ensure there is NO APM associated with this server
  4. Click “Delete” button


After this, you can delete machine agent.


Also, please ensure no application is associated with your machine agent by looking at “Application” field in your machine agent.

This is documented here:


If you still have an error by this operation, please follow this solution as well:

You can do that by these steps from controller:

  1. Please make sure that machine agent is no longer running or reporting.
  2. Create a dummy application from controller UI.
  3. Associate the machine agents that you want to delete to that application.
  4. Delete the dummy app that you have created at step 1.


Let me know if this helped you.


Many thanks,


Naoto Yamamoto

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Still we could not delete the unwanted agents from the saas controller, please let us know can you help us by Webex session to remove the unwanted agents.