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Separate Business Transactions?

New Member



so I checked the Business Transactions of my app and I noticed that the same BT has very good performance and then suddenly a very bad performance.. now I checked and the reason is that I do have some normal http queries and some have a db call where the app saves something to a DB, so obviously this takes much more time, so this should NOT count as the same BT, so what I want to do is to treat them as different BTs.


How can I do that?


I tried


but this did not help. Can someone help me please? Thank you!




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi norrington80,

the only way to differentiate would be to have different entry points for the BT(s). You did not describe any specifics to your use case, so the answer is a bit generic here.
If the two Calls to the application have different parameters or methods (the first one is a GET, the one with the DB Call is a POST), you could differentiate based on that.


I'm assuming you're dealing with a Java App, so you can try to set up a Custom Match Rule, like stated in the documentation:

Hope that helps,

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@norrington80 let us know what you find and how it goes for you.