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Retrieving specific Health Rule Violations via the API


Hi All,

I've recently begun getting my head around the AppDynamics API and how it all works. As a small excercise I wanted to produce a list showing all the times a specific health rule has triggered a violation.

I was hoping this would get me the result I was after:

curl --user me@tenant:secret 'https://saasaddress/controller/rest/applications/applicationid/problems/healthruleviolations?time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=mins&name=Health+Rule+Name'.

Unfortunately, this gives me all of the violations by all health rules, and not violations by name.

I supposed there are a few questions I should ask here:
Is this the right way to go about it / am I probing the right location?
Can the above accept a value of name, or am I limited to whats listed in the following:

Also, for reference, is there a schema diagram that shows the relationships with all API functions?



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Since the API does not provide a "filter by Health Rule Name" option, your best bet is to fetch all the Health Rule violations, then iterate through them and ignore the ones not associated with the target Health Rule.



Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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