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Requirements for using Mobile App with on Premise controller

We would like to use the mobile App with an On-premise controller. Reading the documentation at The only requirement I see are related to push notifications. the controller needs to

What about the standard graphs other data? Are they available? Do these also use ? Does the controller need to be accessible from the internet? 





AppDynamics Team

Hi Bill, 


When using the Appdynamics mobile App, all the standard graphs and dashaboards are available in the mobile app similar to how its on a desktop view(with little much resolution changes mostly). You can open the application and view the graphs and data just like you do in the on prem controller. 


Re: the push notifications requirement, they help you stay on top of the health and performance of your applications without constantly checking their status manually. So your controller needs to connect to


so that whenever there is such an event your controller can send you a push notification automatically, You dn't have to worry about keeping a constant eye on your controller. For this you first need to enable push notifications on your controller.


Re: whether you need internet for thi sor not, I would like to understand your query better, what 

And yes, your controller needs to be connected to Internet for this. 


For configuration, it depends on whether the mobile devices reside on the same VLAN as the Controller? Are they on the same network as the desktop/laptop which is able to connect successfully to the Controller?

The purpose is they both need to be connected to each other to send/receive notifications. So say your on prem controller is installed on port 8090(which is the deafult port), then once your mobile device can reach the Controller over port 8090 then you can connect and use the AppDynamics mobile app. From there the device notifications will come into my mobile device.




Hope it clarifies. Do let me know in case you have nay doubts/queries. 


Thank You,






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Thanks Chitra,


Do you have any details on how the networking is configured for the mobile app? Does  the mobile app or the controller initiate the communications? Is it direct or does it go thru