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Read session custom data using AppDynamics REST API


Hi All,

Can we read session information using app dynamics REST API? If yes how can we do that?


If you open User Experience -> Real Users -> Sessions we can see information like browser, session start time, location, etc. We are sending additional information as well (custom data). Now I want to read this data using any AppDynamics REST API.  Is it possible? 


Could you please help?


AppDynamics Team

Thank you for posting to the community.
Using Analytics Events API, you can query session data including custom ones using ADQL.
Kindly note that you need to create an API key to use Analytics Events API, and make sure to add sessions permission to the API key.
In addition, please check if session custom data can be searched from the analytics search page.
If you cannot search custom data, and if it is associated with Ajax requests, please configure include rules for Ajax requests to be sent to the events service.

Best Regards,

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