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Internal server error 500

New Poster

when trying to trigger some events in app dynamice server, server throws internal server error 500. while for other events it works fine.

For example when i go for Http Action Template Test and i select event type as "Custom Action Failed" or "Http Action Failed" or "Custom Email Action Failed" and when i click on Run Test button i get the following error popup:


500 Internal Server Error

Exception Id:b290cc57-a776-4515-a15f-dced7c151b90
Can you please help me debugging this issue. Also i want to know is this the issue with App Dynamics or somthing else?

AppDynamics Team

Hi Dheeraj,


Please provide the server logs from <ControllerHome>/logs/server.log to see what application exceptions are causing this.


Please perform the sequence of the actions you mentioned below so that your latest server logs capture these exceptions.






Hi Asha,


Please find the  attached server logs from
Thanks & Regards,



^Log file removed as attachment and from the post for security reasons by @Ryan.Paredez 

Hi Dheeraj,


These logs are not sufficient and I do not see any severe exceptions below. Would you please upload the complete log file. And it is not related to the 500 error mentioned. It would help us to the context in which program has thrown the 500. Please upload the latest logs after performing the actions that cause the 500 error.