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Http Request Templates



I am trying to setup a HTTP request template to call a HP Performance Center API to start a test.  The issue I am facing is that Performance Center API requires one to hit an authentication url that sets a cookie that must be used in all following API calls such as the one to start a test.  Does anyone know a way of handling this in the HTTP request template?  Any insight would be much appreciated.


Example :

Auth request:   http://PCURL/Auth

Response = QCsession and LWSSO cookies are returned


Start Test request:  http://PCURL/starttest

Request headers: QCsession and LWSSO cookie values from above request





AppDynamics Team

You can't do more than one request and handle session on a single HTTP Template, but there are other ways to accomplish this.


If you are using an OnPrem controller, you can set up a Custom Action as a script on the controller that will make those 2 requests.

If you are using a SAAS controller you can bring up a simple webserver (maybe with nodejs or flask) that takes 1 request, and then make the 2 requests that you need, like a "forwarder".