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Error 500 Internal Server Error on the controller


Hi, dears,

I'm using on-premises controller and Enterprise console 4.4, I installed Events Service Prod mode, Controller and Enterprise Console then I tried to install dbagen, first, it's going well an illustrate some diagrams and figured load on the monitor but when I clicked on Databases or Sessions or any of those Tabs on DataBases Section I'm getting an Error 500 Internal Server Error occurred.  please help me to figure out what's going on there.



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Hamed.khosravi


Thanks for posting the question on the AppDynamics Community.


At first glance, we have the following recommendations:


1. Refer to System Requirements and see you have the correct versions of components installed and have met the network requirements.

2. Check the SSL connection.


If you have more details on the setup, kindly share with us. We will have someone on the moderator team specialized in Database Monitoring to look at your issue.


Thank you


Hi @Radhika.Puthiyetath


I solved the problem a few days after it came out, I tried various ways to complete configuration of the Events service step but the problem was related to the version of the operating system. I used Centos7.5 for my Environment for deployment but it doesn't work properly, some day I decided to change it to CentOS6.10 then it's working now.


Thank you.


Thanks, @Hamed.khosravi for posting the solution that you have discovered. It helps people with similar issues fix their issues quickly.


Let us know if you have further questions.



I am using ES cluster on windows server 2016 and my controller is rhel machine. 
we have a lb in b/w the same and we are getting same error of internal server 500. 

could you please suggest something.