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Not able to see the MQ metrics

We are not able to see the MQ metrics details even after giving full access to the queue objects under all queue manager.   Below is the error from queue manager: also attached the error log from Appd. ----- amqrccca.c : 1090 ------------------------...

BT instrumentation for HTTP calls

Hello, We are trying instrument BTs for the below sample HTTP request.{USER-ID}/[{APP-ID}] Note: <USER-ID> and <APP-ID> are dynamics segments.   Requirement is to capture BT as : rest/user/[{APP-ID}]. Th...


custom wcf match rule with url

Hello,   We are having trouble getting wcf calls arranged according to url. All transactions go under one call like RESTService.getRequest. When I open that transaction, I can find shapshots according to url like this:   How can I make a wcf match r...

RESTService.getRequest.jpg RESTService.getRequest_url.jpg

Delete application by API

Hi folks,   We're using kubernets here and a wrong configuration created a lot of Applications, one for each pod. I used the AppDynamicsREST project in python to list all wrong application name but I can't find a way to delete them.   Do you know if ...