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Enable/disable agent collection




We would like to build an docker image with all required application agent on the image.  Once we run the container, my questions are followings:

1. If agent is running without valid license, will the agent continue collecting data? 

2  Can we dynamically enable agent and update valid license without impact the main process(java, go, Node)?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Chasling,

Were you able to get some insights on your question to share with the community? Are you still looking for help on your inquiry? Let us know. 

Hi Jeanie,


I am still waiting for answer from someone.



Is there a resolution to this question? Does the enable/disable functionality work from the Controller?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi chlung,


Without a valid license, the app agents will not be able to collect data. 


However, you can update the agents on the fly and the agents automatically pick up the changes. Every minute the agent attempt to register itself and if the license is valid it will automatically connect to the AppDynamics Controller.


In rare cases, if the agent does not connect, you can manually reset it on the Controller as given below:Agent_Reset.png




Thanks for sharing information with me.


Our use case is - we like to let user to decide agent data collection when customer is willing to engage with AppD feature.  We don't want to redeploy the container again after customer enter their license information.  If customer can dynamically update license inforation from controller and force agent to update pod agent. It will make our use case easily to manage.



There is no need for redeploying the container.  The Agent picks up the license information automatically and connects to the Controller. 


We would recommend that you try this scenario in your test environment and raise a support ticket if it's not working as expected.


Thank you