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Does AppDynamics slow performance of Application where Java Agent is deployed?

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AppDynamics actually creates any performance issue with my application, I mean when I see call graph, I can see major packages being called. Now the agent is reading from each of my methods. Can it cause a performance issue with my application, If yes, then do we have ways to disable certain features from appdynamics dynamically? Like i don't want a call graph at a certain point of time when my application requires peak performance, Can I disable my features.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

The Java agent runs inside the application server JVM, so there is inevitably some overhead. The AppDynamics Dev team has spent years minimizing this overhead and allowing customers to dynamically adjust the balance between collecting enough information to diagnose issues vs. collecting too much information and adding excessive overhead. For example, you mentioned the call graph providing method-level performance metrics across many major packages. The agent does this without instrumenting every method. In fact, typcially fewer than 1% of all application methods are instrumented. 

You're also correct that collecting diagnostic snapshots is the highest overhead activity. This is why, by default, diagnostic snapshots are collected only for Error, Slow, Very Slow, and Stalled requests, plus a sample of one snapshot per Business Transaction every 10 minutes.

This means that the vast majority of transaction executions are monitored, but no diagnostic snapshot is collected.

Yes you can tune the number of snapshots collected by configuring Thresholds:

It's common for performance teams to configure the Thresholds to minimize overhead in Production environment, while enabling more frequent snapshot collection in Pre-Prod environments. 

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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