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Do I need to open http port 9080 for the communication from Agent to Events Service cluster


For on-prem solution with Controller and Events service running on the same host, I understand that we need to open firewall port HTTP(s) 8090/8181 for the communication from Agents to Controller, however as stated in the document, Analytics Agent is bundled with Machine Agent, and Analytics Agent is communicating to Event Service cluster on HTTP port 9080. Do I need to open a firewall from the monitored hosts to Events Service cluster (on the same server with Controller) on HTTP port 9080? Is the port 9080 only used internally between the controller and Events service? Someone, please help me clarify. Thanks.


Note: I posted this question yesterday, and nobody replied. Look like this forum is not so active. If I posted a question to Dynatrace forum, I normally got a reply within a hour. What happens in AppD?


You have to open firewall from the monitored hosts to Events Service cluster on http port 9080 for analytics.