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Cluster Metrics using API




I am trying to setup Cluster Monitoring and wish to integrate it with my Rest API scraper. Though, in the metric browser only hardware resources of cluster and containers are available. So in this case, metric API is not able to fetch the pod state etc. details.


I need following metrics via the API. Please indicate the right way of achieving this.




AppDynamics Team


Thank you for your question on the community!


I guess you have already known how to use API, so I introduce how to get REST URLs for specific metrics.
In order to get REST URL, open a metric browser.
As descending a metric tree through a Root branch and your cluster agent name branch, you can find metrics you hope to get.


If you find specific metrics, you can copy REST URLs on a right click menu easily.
This URL includes time range selected on the right screen of the metric browser, so just use this URL to get data.


I found all metrics on the image you posted are listed on the metric browser. If something you need is not found, please let us know.


Just in case, you might have already found this document though, it is also helpful for you.


Best regards,




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