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Can the frequency tag be configurable in rest-api while pulling data from AppDynamics.


I am using time-range-type=BETWEEN_TIMES in the rest-api and pulling data of 15 days time period. i.e.,(from 14th june 2022 to 29th June 2022). 
The response I am always getting with frequency  SIXTY_MIN. Can this be Configurable? Or it's decided by the AppDynamics internally.

Sample response

        <metricName>BTM|Application Summary|Average Response Time (ms)</metricName>
        <metricPath>Overall Application Performance|Average Response Time (ms)</metricPath>

I am looking to change that frequency to another value like 5 min or 10 min when querying for 15 days older data.
It that can be configurable in the API. Could you please share the api here.

Thanks & Regards,

AppDynamics Team


Thank you for your post to the community!
Unfortunately, the frequency for the metrics data from the metrics REST APIs is not configurable. It is internally set based on the provided time interval and duration.


In general, shorter duration gives smaller frequency. You can use the following table as a rough reference (This may be different in versions.)


Duration in mins <= 260 = 1 min frequency
260 < Duration in mins <= 2940 = 10 min frequency
2940 < Duration in mins = 60 min frequency


Please keep it in mind that the controller rolls up the old metrics data as per the policies. Therefore, requesting short duration for an old time range gets larger frequency than the one mentioned above. You can have a look to this documentation for the retention and deletion policy:


You can check the retained data with the smallest granularity in the metrics browser's graph. This is also described in the documentation.


There was a similar question in the community. This also may help you to understand the behavior.


Hope this answer helps!


Best regards,

Rahul, you may be able to use the rollup feature to get better granularity (rollup=false).
As Kenji said, aged data is aggregated and the base data is then deleted.
However, you can change the number of days after which this happens, this is a controller level setting AFAIK.