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Calculate uptime/downtime per day


How to calculate the uptime/downtime based on the transactions response?

If the interface is consider as down when 5 consecutive requests not replied within a total of 30 to create a rule with this condition?

The time is clear but the number of attempts? How to indicate that value on a condition rule please?




The information was very useful but it is not exactly what we need.

We have 2 transactions that compose the Login action. What we need to calculate is the uptime time of this servic.

Downtime is considered if the following condition occurs more than 5 times:

- the sum of the response time of those 3 transactions is higher than 30 seg

Could you please kindly provide us support on this?


formula would be :

100 - (100*({v2}/{v1}))  , where V2 is Very slow calls value and V1 is total calls ( Average response time (counts) or Sum(Calls per minute ) )



Question : the sum of the response time of those 3 transactions is higher than 30 secs.

Answer :  I mentioned earlier that create a business transaction group And create a dashboard and health rule for it.

Select BT group in health rule and can use this formula in dashboard to get Availability %      100 - (100*({v2}/{v1}))

And create health rule for BT group on Sum(Avg Response Time) > 30 secs , select 5 out of 10 mins or whatever you want in health rule.

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^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez Be sure to read the entire thread for more context about the problem and solution. 

Thanks a lot. Just as confirmation, the response time metric displayed for a group... is the sum of all the response times or it is an average? Thanks

Yes.It will be a sum of all three Avergae response time.

You may also validate it by adding them manually for a given time of interval.



sum Total accumulated value for the metric over the selected time period.




Then we should obtain the same result if we use one of this cases indistinctly (taking into account that the service that is composed by 3 Business Transactions) for creating a rule:

A) metric expression

{value(average response time BT1)}+{value(average response time BT2)}+{value(average response time BT3)}

B) group metrics (including teh 3 BTs on a group)

value(average response time group)

Am I right please?


In reference to the daily uptime.  I am interested in creating a report that will expand over 30 days however i need the report to show.


1st  100 % uptime

2nd 100% uptime

3rd 99% uptime.



then maybe an average uptime at the end of the month if possible.


I need this for a certain URL. I am sure it starts with a dashboard just need a little guidance.