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Automating Exception Data Exporting

I am looking for a way to automate the exporting of node exception data so that I can get it persisted into my Elastic stack for historical purposes as well as for telemetry data analysis?


I'm able to persist metric data that's easy through the Metric API but I'm not seeing anything similar for this area.



Bill Youngman





Hi Bill,


The way I am doing something similar is through a custom curl script pulling the same information that the Controller UI Events page queries and shows.

I'm doing it for each Application, it sounds like you're after the info on a Node basis.



That is correct Mark. There is a data telemetry project kicking off at my company and they want to be able to analyze and visualize all critical data for our cloud system. This includes transaction logs coming in from clients, AWS metrics logs, authentication data, client metric data, AppDynamics metric data, AppDynamics exception & error information at the node level, etc., etc.


You get the idea they want everything and I've been able to get processes set up to get them the information that they are requesting with the exception of exception / error information at the node level.


This would also be valuable information for Production Support to be able to export and persist for historical analysis purposes.