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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

AppDynamics Platform Installation on AWS EC2 Instance


AppDynamics Platform Installation on AWS EC2 Instance

I want to set up an on-prem AppD Platform according to this tutorial: (see Steps 1-3)


After unzipping and installing the Enterprise Console - 64-bit Linux(sh) on my AWS instance


sudo su

with inputing the below

I accept the agreement: 1
Where should AppDynamics Enterprise Console be installed?: /usr/local/appdynamics/platform
Database Root User Password: AppD123
Database Port: 3377 (default)
Enterprise Console Database Password: AppD123
Enable Https Connection: n
Enterprise Console Host Name: In case of AWS, Enter the public DNS name of the lab EC2 instance
Enterprise Console Port: 9191 (default)
Enterprise Console Root User Name: admin (default)
Enterprise Console Root User Password: AppD123

I get the message that the installation succeeded.

Setup has finished installing AppDynamics Enterprise Console on your computer.
To install and manage your AppDynamics Platform, use the Enterprise Console
CLI from /usr/local/appdynamics/platform/platform-admin/bin directory.
Finishing installation ...


When calling my Enterprise Console through my web browser via

 I get no response, although my service is running on port 9191

Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 13.15.29.png

Does anyone have any idea how to get the Enterprise Controller properly started?

All inbound ports on my AWS instance are open. So that's not an issue.


Thank you so much!



I am running a m5.xlarge instace with 4 CPUs, 16 GB RAM and 100 GB storage. Os: Ubuntu 18.04. Openjdk version: 1.8.0_282


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AppDynamics Platform Installation on AWS EC2 Instance

Hi Christian


I am assuming you can access it now? I just used that link and the EC opens up in my browser?



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Hey Mario,


there seems to be some policy issue from my company's network. I've tried to connect through my mobile data and it worked!


Thanks you.

Hey Mario,


since our outgoing port for 8090 is disabled and can't be enabled due to our companies policy, is there any workaround we can do? Is there some possibility to use a loadbalancer like HAProxy or Nginx to forward the traffic to the loadbalancer's endpoint by e.g. port 443 and then forward the traffic from there to the corresponding port 8090? Maybe you've got some experience with this.


Best regards,




Hi Christian


If you want to setup something like a proxy/LB you would have to engage with your Security/Network team. They will advise what is allowed and what they can do.


The simplest way would be to just update the port AppD runs on to one that is open on your network.


You can update it using the admin console. Set it to something like port 80. When you installed AppD, did you enable SSL? That would have added a secure port, 8443 or 443 depending on what you selected during the install.



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Great, thanks for the quick response! 

Is it also possible to configure the port for the Enterprise Console (which is 9191 by default)?

This port can also not be accessed through our network.


Hi Christian


Please follow these steps

1) Stop the Enterprise console:
<platform-home>/platform-admin/bin/ stop-platform-admin
2) Navigate conf directory:
and take a backup of the PlatformAdminApplication.yml file before making the changes
3) Update the PlatformAdminApplication.yml file to change the value of port 9191​ to whichever new port you wish.
NOTE: There would be two occurrences for the parameter port​.

Change it in 2 two places in the file

type: simple
type: http
port: 9191 
timeout: 30m
connectionTimeout: 30s
serverHost: servername
port: 9191

4) Start the Enterprise Console service
<platform-home>/platform-admin/bin/ start-platform-admin



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