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Anomaly Detection not reporting any Anomalies




We have enabled appD anomaly detection for one of the applications and left others to default. However , there are no anomalies reported , its been a couple of months since it has been enabled whereas there are a number of health rule violations. What I understand anomaly detection works around the baselines and report for anamolies and no further configuration required.


I have checked the baseline configuration, it is set to default(last 30 days). Any help here would be appreciated.



Thanks in advance


Community Manager

Hi Deepak, 


I found some AppD Docs pages that may provide some insight. There are also two additional links in the top right that could further help. 


Do let me know if those help out or not. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Thanks for the response.

I have already referred to these docs and all available docs at appD site, all talks about how to configure and how to proceed with root cause analysis. We have followed exactly the same but the issue is that we dont see any anomaly being reported inspite of lot of health rule being violated( for slow response times and error rates). Its been a couple of months since we had enabled Anomaly detection, so cognitive engine must have gathered all required data. Anomaly status for all transaction is ‘Ready’ which means all data has been collected and no anomaly identified.

Cant understand why appD doesnt report anomaly when there a number of health rule violations. Has anyone else faced this issue before?

Hi Deepak


We are experiencing the same thing - no anomalies despite Health Rules being triggered. Did you ever get an answer to your question?





Hi Mark

No i haven't had any response to this post. However what I understand is that controller sends the metric data to cognitive engine(hosted somewhere else) which detects the anomaly and there were some connectivity issue between the two which was fixed by a config change. We never had a response to question asking how & what was changed to fix it. May be worth checking that with appD.



We raised it with AppD as well, and they managed to find a single occurrence of an anomaly in our controller. It was extremely deviant from baseline, and the health rules we had set up noticed it sooner than the anomaly triggered.



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