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Agent Metric Registration Limit Reached

Good Day!


Recently, we have frequent errors regarding "Agent Metric Registration Limit Reached". I searched the kbs and Google for possible answers and came up with this. We are trying to get much information regarding this error so that we can better plan on our next steps. With this, we have few questions and I hope you could help us with these:


  1. On the first paragraph of the solution, it has been said that: "Mostly seen when users try to register Custom Metrics with incorrect configurations.". Does this mean that there is a possibility we are seeing this error because of misconfiguration and not just because of exhausting all 5000 metric limit?
  2. Is there any way to know the total number of metrics (both custom and standard) on a specific Tier and/or Application?
  3. There are other users of our AppDynamics we don't have any contact with. I would like to ask if there's any way we could find the custom metric with incorrect config so we can solve it on our own?
  4. On the link given above, it has been said that increasing maximum metric size will yield to higher CPU utilization. Upon checking on our end, CPU and memory utilization of our controller is still low. May I know how big the increase will be? Are there any rule of thumbs to follow when increasing metric limit registration size?
  5. Unfortunately, our events service memory utilization is approaching high. May I ask if changing metric limit registration size will affect events service utilization?
  6. Aside from memory and cpu, can Filesystem utilization of the main controller (or other services) increase?

I hope you could help us with these. Thank you very much!



Hi James,


Did you find the answers for your Questions ? Even i am encountering the Metric Registration limit Reached but not able to Identify Which metrics are the Culprit ? I Searched from Metric Browser, But didn't helped any ? 

I think the only way may be to recursively call the API to retrieve the hierarchy as defined here:



Manish .Upadhye

Hi @Bryan James.Ilaga,


Metric Registration increase as there is an increase in Auto Detected BTs or Auto detected Backend.

So try to see, whether the BT Count count exceeded 200 or not.

If Yes, then 1st try to work on reducing No. of Auto Discovered BTs,

for which you can change the configuration in "Automatic Transaction Discovery Rule


e.g. Reducing segments of the URL for Servlet BT

or Disabling unwanted types of BTs and /or Backends


I hope this will help.


- Manish Upadhye

Hi @Manish .Upadhye,


Thank you for sharing that helpful info. @Bryan James.Ilaga, I know you asked this question a while ago. If this topic is still of any interest to you, please check out the reply from Manish.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi @Manish .Upadhye 


We are seeing agent metric registration limit issue only on two servers where it only discovers 10 transactions. Rather than on other nodes, it discovers more than 100 transactions.

Will transactions generated from other servers also have an impact.


Other nodes are not giving any such warning

Hi Sumit,


Yes, transactions auto-generated / detected from other nodes / servers /Tiers also contribute to total BT count. As There is default limit of 200 BTs, on  BT detection across particular Application.

So try to see, whether the existing BT Count exceeded 200 or not (across Application).


- Manish Upadhye