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Add information Point to Service Endpoint?

Hello everyone, can you get information from an information point in a service endpoint?
I already tried to implement this using the same class but it is not reflected in the service endpoint


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hey there. 

The use cases for Information Points somewhat overlaps Service Endpoints, however here are the differences. 

Information Points are used to create metrics on a specific method. The use case is typically you want to know how many times a method is being executed in a time range. 

Service Endpoints can be seen as children of Business Transactions. The use case for SEPs is that you may have a BT with hundreds of child URLs that you want KPIs on. 

Hope this helps. 

Thanks for your answer, Allan.Schiebold, but the problem is that I have more than 600 services which have several sub-process which are not shown and the only way to obtain data from them is to create an information point. Is there a script or something to optimize this process?

Hey Rafael. While there is not a script, there are some best practices around the architecture of your Business Transactions, Service Endpoints, and Information Points. You want BT's rolled up to be a very high level view of the app's transactions and not hitting the limit of 200 per app or 50 per tier. Then SEPs can be a more granular view and seen as high resolution of your BT's. Info points are unrelated and used for metrics on certain methods. 

If you need additional help with this you should reach out to your account management team and a solution engineer can get you taken care of.